We are bringing derivatives, the largest class of financial instrument, to the cryptocurrency and digital asset space in a way that is:

  • Decentralized: Zero exchange transaction fees, and the majority of settlement fees go back to the users.
  • Secure: We combine blockchain's transparency and immutability with field-tested AI for user and transaction verification, and don't hold any assets centrally.
  • Enterprise-grade: Order matching speeds 22x faster than NYSE. Built-in liquidity and price discovery tools to ensure orders of any size can be matched in seconds. Customizable contracts for building complex and programmatically executed financial products with any digital assets.

How It Works

Thanks to smart contracts, we can cut out the middleman while keeping both sides of any trade accountable. A smooth UI makes the order process as simple as possible:


PixelAlpha's native token, the Pixel, will have intrinsic value as the primary denomination for collecting settlement fees. In the future, they can be used to purchase related services in the PXA ecosystem, such as trade strategies and advertising rights, and we will work to support a spot exchange to easily convert Pixels into other digital assets easily.

Soft Cap

$20,000,000 USD

Tokens for Sale

406,344,015 PXA (40%)

Hard Cap

$50,000,000 USD

Tokens exchange rate

1 PXA = US $0.15

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction amount

.5 ETH/ .1 BTC

Our Roadmap RoadMap

December 2017

MVP Research

June 2018

iDaaS Completed

July 2018

Matching Engine Completed

September 2018

Launch testnet MVP

October 2018

Launch public sale

November 2018

Mainnet Soft Launch

December 2018

SDK Launch

January 2019

5 Futures Pairs Available

February 2019

Tradeable Options

Team Team

The PixelAlpha team brings together over 20 years of work in tech, financial markets, eCommerce, and startups.

Founder and CEO

Alex Otsu

Founder and CEO

Alex excels at analyzing complex problems at scale and deploying solutions which are both elegant and effective. An experienced business leader who specializes in leading innovative tech projects to disrupt traditional industries, he pioneered a new lead generation system in recruitment, building an automated platform capable of replacing all researchers and giving recruiters 80% more time to focus on closing deals. Though he had no experience in the recruitment field before, this system has since become industry standard.

Alex is comfortable working with emergent technologies and applying them to real-world scenarios. PixelAlpha, then, is a direct response to the issue of volatility in today's digital asset market and lack of ownership/transparency in financial exchanges in general.

Cofounder & CTO

Richard Kane

Cofounder & CTO

Richard Kane is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence with cornerstone patents in commodities and securities trading that have been cited by every major exchange and trading house including trading platforms that execute automated trades on the CME, NYSE and Nasdaq. Richard has cutting-edge experience in high performance computing and in leveraging cloud computing to maximum effect. He has operational AIs in multiple industry verticals, including high performance routing. An Inc 500 CEO, and prior to founding CTGi, served as Director Network Product Development and co-authored technical direction for the 5000 person communications industry group at Electronic Data Systems, working with telecom providers worldwide. Richard’s first commercial work was noted by the NY Times when at 17 he re-wrote the operating system of the Apple II to add encryption and copy protection to the platform.


Cofounder & Board Advisor

William Twining

Cofounder & Board Advisor

William is a digital veteran and start-up founder in Asia, having founded companies in eCommerce, digital transformation and algorithm-based recruitment. William's experience with corporate digital transformation is focused primarily on retail & media platform development, data ingestion & analytics, supply chain & logistics and payments & financial technologies. He has worked closely with companies and subject matter experts who are regional leaders in acquisition and adoption of new technologies. Specifically, these corporations - including financial institutions - are interested in exposure to the blockchain space, and how they can lead markets in the digitization of derivatives.

Board Advisor

Adrian Facini

Board Advisor

Adrian Facini is the Head of Product at IEX, the stock exchange featured in Michael Lewis' 2014 bestseller "Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt." Adrian leads product management and design at IEX, bringing the ideas that underpin IEX’s mission to life in the form of a simple, fair, and transparent exchange. Adrian brings 16 years of experience in pioneering exchange operations and electronic trading platforms across numerous institutions including Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.

Board Advisor

Hongxuan Zhang

Board Advisor

Hongxuan is a serial start-up founder in China, having participated in the R&D of several small start-up companies in cryptocurrency quant trading, industrial AI and IoTs for intelligent logistics. He has extensive software development experience, especially in web development, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoTs, and game development. He obtained his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Penn State University and majored in computational mathematics focused on algorithm design and large-scale computing. In his Ph.D. he was one of the main developers of CNPC reservoir simulation software and an open-source software aimed for developing mathematically optimal iterative methods for solving large scale linear systems. He is now working on an AI based trading system for cryptocurrency, which will demonstrate the super power of modern artificial intelligence in quant trading.

Board Advisor

Kasian Franks

Board Advisor

Kasian is a serial technical founder with deep experience at the intersection of finance and artificial intelligence. Kasian is currently the CVO at Vectorspace AI, leading development on smart basket crypto Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). He has been involved with numerous private and public Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning companies and worked with cryptocurrencies as early as 2014.

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Transparency is incredibly important to us, so we want to make sure all your questions are answered. If you have a question that isn't on here, please join our Telegram group and ask!

Only 1,016,628,300 PXA will be minted, of which 40% are available through the token sale. No more will be created after that. All tokens not sold will be burned.

PXA is used both to calculate margin and settle contracts. The number of Pixels equivalent to the settlement value will be generated by smart contract and transferred to the payee’s account, while the collected pair currency from the payor will be used to purchase an equivalent number of Pixels at market value and burn them, thus keeping the total number of Pixels in circulation the same. This will ensure that Pixels themselves always have a liquid market. This structure should mean that as volume increases on PixelAlpha’s exchange, the price of Pixels will increase proportionately as the buy/burn mechanism leads to greater open-market demand. Additionally, this structure makes PXA a uniquely solid investment during bear periods as its price is intrinsically tied to market volatility rather than directionality. This also increases the opportunity cost of “hoarding”, as if the price of PXA becomes too high users will see it as a risk and usage will decrease, which decreases volume, which decreases value.

The PXA design is such that the more that are in circulation, the better. We are working with leading exchanges to get it listed as soon as possible after the token sale. In addition, we have a tool suite that makes it easy for market makers to list PXA on our own spot exchange. This will offer feeless and frictionless trading of PXA for high-cap tokens such as BTC, ETH, and XLM.

We run KYC checks on all token holders, but as a Hong Kong incorporated company do not have any restrictions on where contributions can come from. However, we cannot be held liable for participants defying their jurisdictional regulations to take part in the ICO.

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